Sarah is a licensed esthetician, educator, and founder of by Kin Aesthetics; an esthetic supply company.

My interest in Korean skincare began while living in South Korea, working with children in rural communities.

As much as I loved my time teaching and working with children, it was their beauty industry that stole my heart.  They are at the forefront of cosmetic formulations, offering treatments that won't be seen elsewhere, until a decade later. 

Upon returning to the US, I decided I wanted to become an esthetician, and later decided to specialize in Korean skincare.

In 2019 Kin Aesthetics came to fruition. The heart of my business lies in the convergence of advanced skincare technologies, with ancient modalities.

Each treatment is intuitive and customized, focusing on the skin's needs in the moment.

I believe in healthy skin, preventative treatments, and the ritual of self-care.

In skincare + health,

Sarah Kinsler