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Subir Lash Growth and Conditioning Serum

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SUBIR Twinkle Essence is a growth serum that can be applied to both the lashes, and brows. This is both a growth serum and conditioning treatment.

The unique wand allows for root saturation, while also having the traditional features of a mascara wand to coat the lashes all the way to the tip.

It was created for those with thin, compromised lashes. It is composed of EWG1 grade functional ingredients and has CPNP certification.

Key Ingredients include: Biotin, Keratin, Peptide Complex, and multiple natural essences including: Daisy Flower, Red Ginseng, Snow Lotus, Sangbaek Peel, Edelweiss, and Eoseongcho
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Subir Lash Growth and Conditioning Serum
Subir Lash Growth and Conditioning Serum


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You may return unopened skincare 7 days after purchase.

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Yes! All of the products we carry are cruelty free!

Why Korean skincare?

South Korea is at least a decade ahead in terms of ingredients and skincare technology.